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Wabash Valley Power is a not-for-profit electric generation and transmission cooperative located in Indianapolis, IN. Our members are 23 electric distribution cooperatives (which makes us sort of a co-op of co-ops). Their retail members are the homeowners, farms, schools, and businesses they serve.

In other words, we’re not selling electricity to customers, and we’re not working for shareholders. We’re providing electricity to members who are actually owners. We’re a true cooperative, guided by the seven principles that govern all co-ops:

At Wabash Valley Power, we work for the good of our whole community: our employees, our member co-ops, and the businesses, schools, farms, and homes we all serve. We’re creating a bright tomorrow, one in which reliable, affordable energy remains the standard

What benefits our employees benefits our company. That’s why we offer 401K matching, an employee pension, and medical and life insurance. Here are some more perks of working for us:

  • NO SWEAT. We offer a wellness program that includes a payroll credit for medical insurance, cash for gym fees, and extra vacation days for participating on our corporate fitness team. We’ll even throw in a discounted Fitbit to keep you on track.
  • FLEX TIME. Our flexible schedule means you can hit the snooze button, or spend more time in the morning with family. As long as you’re here between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., the rest is up to you!
  • KEEP IT CASUAL. When you work for us, you work in comfort. Blue jeans are the norm in our office, Monday through Friday, and we make them look good.
  • STAY IN SCHOOL. We value employees that have a desire to learn, and provide reimbursement funds for continuing education. We’re also committed to in-house training and ongoing development.
  • VACATION. Work hard, play hard. We reward the hard work of our employees with generous vacation time, to the tune of up to 4 weeks off a year. New employee? You’ll get credit for prior work experience.

At Wabash Valley Power, the values we hold inform everything that we do as a company. We hope you see something of yourself reflected in them—and if you do, we might have a place for you.

  • TEAMWORK. We get more done when we work together.
  • FAMILY FIRST. We know what’s important in our lives.
  • RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Our diversity is our strength.
  • COMPETIVENESS. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat us.
  • TRANSPARENCY. Our people always know where we stand.
  • MARCH TO OUR OWN BEAT. Your new ideas are always welcome here.
  • HAVE FUN. Life’s too short to be miserable at your job. 

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